Il 2016, l’anno della chiarezza: quale digitale ci aspetta?

Una raccolta di grandi firme di ci accompagna a comprendere l'anno che è appena cominciato, sotto il profilo dell'Agenda digitale. I punti aperti sono ancora tanti, le incognite numerose, ma almeno ci sono i piani per una "messa a terra" dei progetti Non è stato il 2015 l'anno della chiarezza e dell'attuazione dell'Agenda digitale [...]

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Internet of Things in 2016: 6 Stats Everyone Should Know

87% of people don’t understand this rapidly growing market. Do you? The Internet of Things, which connects cars, homes, wearables, and everyday objects to the cloud, is a hot tech topic these days. Chipmakers such as Qualcomm and Intel are expanding into the space to diversify away from their core chip businesses. Smartphone makers such as Samsungand Apple are entering the wearables [...]

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Why You Need a Business Strategy, Not a Social Strategy

There’s no shortage of how-to articles and blog posts on leveraging the power of social media. And with this endless sea of social media-touting commentary, it’s natural to think you’ve got to jump headfirst into the social sphere to keep your brand from getting left in the dust. Although the need to engage with social [...]

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With deployments from San Jose to NYC, the smart city opportunity is becoming real

The wireless industry is clearly investing in the smart city concept. Both Verizon (NYSE: VZ) and AT&T (NYSE: T) have teams dedicated to breaking open dialogue -- and sales -- between wireless players and city officials, with the goal of installing new technologies in metro areas that proponents say will make city life safer and [...]

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